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In the heart of Salt Lake City, Alsco Inc. stands as a prominent name in the world of linen and uniform services. With a rich history and a commitment to excellence, Alsco Inc. has redefined the way businesses and organizations approach their linen, uniform, and facility services needs. In this introduction, we invite you to explore the world of Alsco Inc. Salt Lake, where quality, innovation, and sustainability converge to provide businesses with solutions that enhance their operations, elevate their image, and contribute to a cleaner, safer, and more sustainable future.

A Pioneer in the Industry Since 1889

Alsco Inc. Cleaning Companies Salt Lake City has been at the forefront of the industry since 1889, setting the standards that everyone follows. Alsco has played a pivotal role in revolutionizing the laundering and delivery of ready-to-wear uniforms, beginning with aprons and expanding to cover a wide range of workwear applications.

The Alsco Story

Alsco Headquarters

Alsco employee moving garments

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Our Range of Services

From Linen Rentals to Uniform Cleaning, Trust Alsco

Linen Our professionally laundered linens add a touch of class, elegance, and comfort to your business.

Washroom Supplies Count on us for quality washroom supplies when you need them.

Workwear Our uniforms not only offer protection but also foster team spirit and boost morale.

First Aid Services Experience our worry-free service with a low weekly price, ensuring your cabinet is fully stocked and compliant.

Floorcare Elevate your company’s image with the right floor care.

Laundry Services Alsco takes care of your linens, uniforms, floor mats, washroom supplies, and more.

News & Resources

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In your business, time is precious, and time spent away from your core business is time lost. At Alsco, we handle your linens, uniforms, floor mats, washroom supplies, and more, allowing you to stay focused on what truly matters – your customers.

Uniform Rental Choose Alsco’s comfortable and sturdy uniforms from trusted brands to protect your team, encourage team spirit, and boost morale.

Uniform Laundry Our uniforms not only offer protection but also foster team spirit and boost morale.

Linen Rental Service Count on Alsco’s linen rental service to ensure you always have clean, high-quality linens when you need them most.

Linen Cleaning Experience the difference of professionally laundered linens, adding a touch of class, elegance, and comfort to your business.

Health & Safety With a low weekly price and a worry-free service, ensure your cabinet is fully stocked and compliant.

Facility Services Keep your business looking fresh and clean with Alsco’s comprehensive facility products and services.

Restroom Services Trust Alsco for quality washroom supplies when you need them.

PPE Safety is paramount. Rely on Alsco’s PPE solutions to keep your team focused on their work, not their safety.

Focus on Your Strengths

In your business, time matters most, and time spent away from your core business is counterproductive. Alsco manages your linens, uniforms, floor mats, washroom supplies, and more, allowing you to concentrate on your customers. Our industry-leading services ensure you always look impeccable and have a ready supply of clean, fresh products.

With Alsco, you’ll enjoy:

  • No up-front investment
  • Inspection, repairs, and replacement as needed
  • Refitting of employees as sizes change
  • Freedom from administrative and maintenance details
  • Streamlined account management saving you time and money
  • Quality products and dedicated customer service
  • One & DoneSM service – one contact, one-day resolution, and one-time solution
Systems of Excellence

Our years of experience have taught us the importance of delivering solutions tailored to each customer’s unique needs. Alsco shines in providing individualized attention and services. To help you select the right rental program for your business, Alsco offers:

  • Free analysis of your business needs
  • Advice on appropriate fabrics, colors, and styles of uniforms and linens
  • Professional sales consultants and service representatives ready to answer any questions
  • A smooth and reliably accurate transition to our services

Time to Suit Up

Alsco Uniform Rental Services

With over 130 years of experience in linen rentals, Alsco is an industry leader in uniform rental services. Choose from thousands of uniforms designed and manufactured by trusted brands, equipped with the latest technologies. Our work uniform offerings are second to none among uniform rental companies. Let Alsco, with its vast experience, transform your group into the team you need.

Industrial workers taking a break.

Bakers wearing clean uniforms.

Our Uniforms & Clothing

Alsco’s extensive line of customizable, name-brand work uniforms is rugged, durable, smart, and stylish, with numerous specialty options. Our offerings include:

  • Automotive uniforms
  • Cleaning uniforms
  • Embroidered uniforms
  • Food processing uniforms
  • Flame-resistant clothing
  • High-visibility clothing
  • Industrial work uniforms
  • Janitorial uniforms
  • Medical uniforms
  • Restaurant uniforms
  • Work shirts

Automotive Uniforms Restaurant Uniforms Food Processing Uniforms Industrial Work Uniforms Medical Uniforms Work Shirts FR Clothing Hi Viz Clothing Cleaning Uniforms Janitorial Uniforms Embroidered Uniforms

Why Uniforms Are Important

The act of donning a uniform holds a special significance in many narratives. Whether it’s a business uniform, sports uniform, work uniform, or superhero costume, the transformation is a pivotal moment. But why does this simple act resonate so deeply with us?

Humans crave both uniqueness and belonging. We want to be special, offering something distinct from others, but we also desire to be part of a collective. Uniqueness only truly matters when we belong to a tribe that can appreciate our individuality. One of the ways we identify our tribe is through similar clothing and dress. This evolutionary drive is so ingrained that the colors of a sports team can create camaraderie, loyalty, and inspiration.

Research shows that employees wearing work uniforms view the company, coworkers, and themselves more positively. Such teams are more productive and focused. Additionally, customers prefer doing business with people wearing clothing that aligns with their expectations. Proper company uniforms inspire confidence in your company’s professionalism, quality, and consistency.

Business uniforms offer more than team cohesion, productivity, and client trust. They provide consistent safety, protection for employees, create a clear brand identity, and offer functionality and durability for demanding jobs. All these elements give companies that choose to adopt uniforms a competitive edge.

The Alsco Industrial Uniform Rental Program

Alsco’s uniform rental service sets the industry standard. It begins with an Alsco representative learning about your unique business needs. We create a tailored plan, including expert measuring, tailoring, clothing customization, laundering, and cleaning schedules. Our uniform exchange system ensures your uniforms are always sharp, clean, and fit perfectly, all at a consistent and affordable price.

As part of our service, we provide clean and dirty uniform storage solutions to keep your facility organized and our services efficient. After your work uniforms arrive, an Alsco representative regularly visits your facility to retrieve dirty laundry, deliver clean uniforms, and identify any necessary plan adjustments.

Why Rent Instead of Buy?

When you purchase work uniforms, you assume responsibility for laundering, maintenance, repairs, tracking, and replacement. Employee turnover results in inventory losses and the complexity of measuring and ordering new custom items to match existing uniforms. Often, items purchased initially become unavailable from suppliers, leading to additional custom tailoring costs and an inconsistent look for your staff. This approach is expensive, inefficient, inconsistent, and distracting from your core business priorities.

Renting offers a more cost-effective, efficient, and consistent solution.

Employee Turnover Costs: When you rent from Alsco,

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Alsco Linen Rental Services

In today’s business landscape, first impressions are paramount, and the cleanliness of your linens plays a vital role. Ensuring that your linens are always crisp and clean is effortless with a top-tier professional linen services provider. Among commercial linen service companies, Alsco sets the gold standard. With over 130 years of experience in the linen services industry and an advanced laundering system that achieves superior cleanliness with fewer chemicals and less water, Alsco linen services will help you, your team, and your business shine.

Our Linens

Alsco offers an extensive selection of customizable, name-brand linens that are durable, stylish, and practical. With a wide range of colors and a comprehensive catalog of options, from luxurious hospitality towels to hygienically clean medical utility towels, Alsco is your all-in-one linen service company, meeting all your linen requirements. Our offerings include:

  • Bed linens
  • Food & beverage linens
  • Hospitality & lodging linens
  • Napkins
  • Service linens
  • Tablecloths & table linens
  • Towels & washcloths for hospitality
  • Utility towels for healthcare

Restaurant Linen Healthcare Linen Industrial Linen / Towels Automotive Towels Food Processing Linen

Why Rent Rather Than Buy?

When you purchase linens, whether for a restaurant, healthcare facility, or hospitality establishment, you’re burdened with numerous responsibilities. You must launder, maintain, repair, track, and replace all items yourself. Moreover, employee turnover can result in inventory losses and the added complexity of measuring and ordering new custom items to match your existing linens. Often, items you initially purchased become unavailable from suppliers, leading to additional custom tailoring costs and an inconsistent look for your business and staff. This approach is expensive, inefficient, inconsistent, and diverts your focus from core business priorities.

Renting through Alsco’s linen services is a more cost-effective, convenient, consistent, and efficient solution.

Laundering Costs: When you rent linens from Alsco, you’re relieved of the burdens associated with linen inventory management, laundering, sorting, and ensuring the hygienic cleanliness and visual presentation of your linens. Say goodbye to headaches and lost evenings spent in laundromats or dealing with paperwork and inventory counts. Alsco takes care of it all at a reasonable, budget-friendly, and predictable rate.

Repair & Maintenance Costs: When you rent your linens, Alsco closely monitors the condition of your napkins, towels, and other items. Any needed repairs are carried out while items are in for their regular laundering. When linens wear out, Alsco simply replaces them with new items.

Always Clean & Sharp: When you rent from Alsco, you consistently have a fresh supply of clean linens. Dirty laundry is discreetly stored in specially designated bins designed for your safety and convenience. Fresh linens are placed in storage lockers or other designated areas to keep them fresh and clean until needed.

Environmentally Friendly

At Alsco, we are committed to environmentally sustainable practices from start to finish. Our scientifically tailored detergents and laundering formulas are mixed as needed for each load, reducing the volume of harsh chemicals required to maintain the cleanliness of your linens. Fewer chemicals used equate to a cleaner world.

But our commitment goes beyond that. Alsco’s process filters waste, minimizing the release of chemicals into downstream waterways. Moreover, after filtering wastewater, we reuse the cleaned water for additional linen laundering services, reducing overall water consumption. These innovative processes have enabled Alsco to cut its water usage by 50% over the past decade alone. Finally, our heat-recapture system converts heat energy from wastewater into usable energy for operating our equipment, significantly reducing our overall energy consumption.

These three processes, coupled with other inventive solutions, allow Alsco’s linen laundry services to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels, decrease water usage, and minimize chemical waste, helping to keep our world as clean as your freshly laundered linens.

Always On Time

When you utilize Alsco’s linen services, your soiled linens are safely stored in bins provided by Alsco. This storage ensures the safety of your employees and customers while facilitating the quick and easy pickup and delivery of your laundry by our team. An Alsco representative then collects your soiled linens on a predetermined schedule tailored to your requirements. Your Alsco representative keeps track of usage and communicates with you to ensure your plan consistently aligns with your business needs. Fresh linens are left in a prearranged location for your use. When adjustments are necessary, your representative will add or modify elements of your plan to maintain smooth service and satisfy your customers.

Because our service is consistent, your linen laundry budget remains predictable, enabling you to manage your expenses effectively over time. Our competitive and fair pricing keeps you financially sound while keeping your linens in top condition.

Why Choose Alsco’s Linen Laundry Service?

Alsco’s competitive pricing, along with our consistent cost structure, provides predictability. Our laundry services save you time and effort compared to managing your own linen laundering. Our system is efficient, ensuring a consistent level of cleanliness, thereby keeping you, your team, and your customers clean and satisfied.

Alsco Facility Services offers a wide range of products and services to help businesses maintain a clean and safe environment for their employees and customers. Here are some key aspects of Alsco’s facility services:

First Aid Kits: Alsco provides wall-mounted business and industrial first-aid kits that are OSHA- and ANSI/ISEA-compliant. These kits are customized, organized, and regularly maintained by Alsco representatives to ensure that you always have access to emergency first aid supplies when needed.

Cleaning and Sanitation: Alsco offers the “Perfect Mix” system, known as All FreshSM, which is a simple cleaning chemical management system. It ensures that you have the right cleaning supplies neatly organized and regularly refreshed by Alsco representatives. This system helps businesses maintain cleanliness and hygiene.

Floor & General Safety: Alsco provides anti-fatigue mats, logo mats, scraper mats, wet and dry mops, microfiber mops, and industrial towels to help keep your floors safe and clean. These products can significantly reduce the risk of slips and accidents in the workplace.

Uniforms and Clothing: Alsco offers a wide array of high-quality, customizable high-visibility uniforms, flame-resistant uniforms, and clothing options. These uniforms are designed to keep your team safe in demanding environments while ensuring comfort and breathability. Alsco can design a uniform package tailored to your specific needs.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE): Alsco supplies safety gloves, face masks, face shields, safety and isolation gowns, and other PPE to ensure the safety of your employees and customers. The right PPE can protect against various workplace hazards.

Just-in-Time Service: Alsco’s Just-in-Time service helps businesses save time, space, and money by allowing Alsco to manage their inventory. It increases the professional image of businesses with quality products, reduces cross-contamination, and offers a flat weekly rental fee for budget forecasting.

Restroom Services: Alsco offers a range of washroom supplies, including touch-free soap and paper dispensers, automatic toilet and urinal cleaners, floor mats, automatic air fresheners, and more. These products help businesses maintain cleanliness and hygiene in their washrooms.

Green Initiatives: Alsco is committed to environmental sustainability and offers products with recycled content, reduced waste, and compliance with sustainability standards. The company evaluates suppliers based on environmental friendliness.

Location Details: Alsco Facility Services in Salt Lake City is located at 3370 West 1820 South, Salt Lake City, UT 84104. They can be reached at 1-801-973-7771 during operating hours, which are from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM, Monday to Friday.

Alsco serves various industries and areas within the Salt Lake City region, including Bountiful, Park City, Provo, and Salt Lake City itself, providing uniform rentals, linens, washroom supplies, and more.

Alsco’s services aim to help businesses maintain a clean, safe, and professional environment while saving time and resources.

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